Nationals 2008



It was a big honor to be invited to judge at the Regional Speciality Show at Nationals this year.
I appreciate this invitation very much. After working out all the paperwork, which is necessary between VDH and AKC I was ready to come.
My long time breeder mentor and friend Sue Anderson took se  hours on the phone until I understand your system of placements. It is really different than ours over here. But finally I understand. Thank you Sue.
Also David Williams decide to get me a ring steward who speaks German.  So to avoid mistakes I could ask her some questions about the right position of the placements in the ring. Thank you Pat for helping me.
I enjoyed very much to see all this nice dogs in the ring. Thank you for all the complements I got during the week after judging.

The show area was really very nice. I appreciate the good food. Also Harry Roach did a great job to find and share the directions to other restaurants around the Show area.  Also I got time to see all my friends again and made some new ones. We had some very good chats in the Bar at night times. Pat E., Domino G. and Pat R. had a great discussion about the difference  of our show systems. I really learned a lot. May be they did too.
I had a great time riding in a purple bus around the city. This bus was very special and came all the way from Canada to nationals. Thanks Andrea and all her friends for sharing this with me.
Finally a special thanks to Beverly Wall, you took really good care of me and it was so nice to meet you.
This Nationals was without a doubt one of my favorites and one I will never forget.
Thank you all again for the nice time over there.